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This Week at Tree of Life

Wednesday November 8

Session I
   In this series you will learn the basic meanings of the Elder Futhark runes and experience rune readings using the runecasts and runescript methods of divination.

In this first session we will cover:

  • What are runestones?

  • How to use and care for your runes

  • The meanings of the first Aett in traditional storyline style.

  • Discuss the aspect of life that is covered by the first Aett

  • Questions

Recommended: (all available at Tree of Life for purchase)

  • Elder Futhark (24/25) Rune sets (any type, stone, wood, glass, metal)

  • The Rune Stones, a quick reference booklet, by Chandelle Ayre

  • "Power of the Runes" card deck by Voenix (ISBN: 1572810874) US Game systems

  • Casting cloth from crystal reading class or purchased crystal reading kit.

Friday November 10

7pm $10
    Mantras are a form of chanting used to invoke the power and favor of the divine forces of the universe. You don't have to be Hindu to benefit from the power of mantras!

   Whether you seek freedom from obstacles, abundance, improvements in health, or wish to grow closer to the divine in your daily life, mantras are an excellent tool to get there.

   Come dressed casually and comfortably, and bring a cushion if you'd like, as we will be sitting while doing extended chanting.

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